Now approved in more than 85 countries, AVONEX continues to build on its 16-­year‐history of providing safe, effective treatment for people with MS. In 2011, we met our goal of stabilizing AVONEX's share worldwide in the ABCRE (AVONEX, BETASERON, COPAXONE, REBIF, EXTAVIA) segment. AVONEX global sales reached $2.7 billion, a 7 percent increase year over year.

To support the continued revenue growth of AVONEX and improve the convenience of administration, we launched two new delivery methods. The AVONEX PEN is the first intramuscular autoinjector approved for MS and incorporates a smaller needle for easier administration to help patients reduce anxiety about self­‐injection. We also introduced a titration kit called the AVOSTARTGRIP. Titration, or gradually escalating the dose at therapy initiation, significantly reduces the incidence and severity of flu-­like symptoms some patients experience with therapy.