Total Rewards

Biogen Idec offers a comprehensive Total Rewards program – one that’s highly competitive with other biotechnology and pharmaceutical leaders. It features valuable protection so you can focus on your work as well as incentives to encourage success.

The program focuses on these key areas:

Protecting Your Health
Our program features preventive care and wellness programs so you can stay healthy. At the same time, you have access to comprehensive care and services when you need them.

Protecting Your Income
To ensure you and your family have a source of income in times of financial stress, Biogen Idec automatically provides Company-paid life insurance and disability coverage. If needed, you can supplement this coverage to be sure you have the right level of financial security for you and your family.

Balancing Your Work and Personal Life
Recognizing you can’t turn off day-to-day distractions at will (or at work), Biogen Idec offers a range of individual and family support programs designed to help you manage life’s daily responsibilities and challenges.

Planning for the Future
Biogen Idec offers a variety of programs to help you with your financial well-being and assist you with planning for a secure financial future.

Recognizing your Commitment and Contributions
The BIG recognition program is designed to encourage and enable timely and personalized recognition. Awards range from peer-to-peer thanks for a job well done to service swards for continued commitment to Biogen Idec.

IESPP Prospectus for Eligible Employees in Denmark, France, Germany and the UK.

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