Manufacturing is a key strength at Biogen Idec. The company's capabilities and capacity for protein manufacturing are world class in quality and scale.

The manufacturing team is responsible for the last leg of a long journey. This journey is difficult, expensive and can take well over a decade. The process begins in research and development and is ultimately transferred to Manufacturing, but Manufacturing is also involved at the development stage to ensure we can produce what we create.

Prior to product approval, our goal is to produce quality material to supply clinical trials. Once a product is approved by regulatory agencies, our job is to generate material to commercially supply patients across the globe.

Biogen Idec is one of a few biotechnology companies with three dedicated biological bulk-manufacturing facilities; one in Cambridge, MA, one in Research Triangle Park (RTP), NC, and one in Denmark. With these capabilities, we are able to meet the clinical and commercial needs of a growing global company.

About Manufacturing

  • New International Large Scale (ILS) production facility in Hillerød, Denmark
  • 250,000 square foot large-scale manufacturing (LSM) plant in Research Triangle Park (RTP), NC
  • Worldwide capacity of nearly 200,000 liters for the manufacture of biologics
  • World-class manufacturing capabilities