Summer Program

Biogen Idec Community Lab Summer Sessions 2015!

Registration for the 2015 summer sessions is now open for all sessions in RTP, NC and in Cambridge for residents of Cambridge, Somerville and children (close relatives) of Biogen Idec employees. Applications for the “Advanced Adventures in Biotechnology” are now also being accepted. Please see links below for the on-line registration forms.

biogen idec community lab

The on-line registration will ask for the following information:
Name, current grade, home address, home telephone number, school name, session choice, student email address, parent/guardian email address, and how you found out about the program.

Adventures in Biotechnology

Conduct a hands-on lab project, meet and interact with scientists and other biotech professionals, tour labs and get an inside view of a biotech company! You will not only learn about biotechnology, but you will DO biotechnology! The project involves starting with DNA that codes for blue fluorescent protein and your goal is to get purified green fluorescent protein by Friday. To accomplish this you will learn and do the following techniques: bacterial transformation, site-directed mutagenesis, protein extraction, affinity purification and PAGE.

Cambridge, MA Sessions:
     Session I: July 6-10,
     Session II: July 13-17
     Session III: August 17-21

     Hours: Each session meets 9AM to 3PM on M,T,W, until 4PM on Th but only
     until 1PM on Friday.

     Registration is now open for Cambridge and Somerville residents, and children
     (close relatives) of employees. It will open up to everyone else on March 10 at 6am.
     Early registrations will be rejected without notice. Students will be accepted into
     each session until they are full. Each session is limited to 32 students.

CLICK HERE to access the on-line registration form if you are a resident of Cambridge, Somerville or a close relative of a Biogen Idec Employee.

RTP, NC Sessions:
     Session I: June 22-26
     Session II: July 27-31

     Hours: Each session meets 9AM to 3PM on M & T, until 4PM on W & Th but
     only until 1PM on Friday.

     Registration is now open for everyone who would like to register for the sessions in RTP, NC.
     Students will be accepted into each session until they are full. Each session is
     limited to 32 students.

CLICK HERE to register for session in the RTP, NC Community Lab.

Advanced Adventures in Biotechnology (Cambridge only)

Session: July 27 - August 7

Students applying for the two-week "Advanced Adventures in Biotechnology" may also now submit their application, including a short statement (less than 75 words) on why they want to participate in the two-week program and what they hope to gain from the experience. The quality of this statement is one of the main criteria we will use for selection of students for the advanced session. The deadline for these applications is March 10th, 2015 and students will be notified of acceptance or not by March 27th, 2015. Please note that you must have previously participated in the one-week program to be eligible.

CLICK HERE to apply for the “Advanced Adventures in Biotechnology” session.