Life at Biogen Idec

If there’s one common theme that threads through Biogen Idec, it’s our commitment to the patients whom we serve. This singular focus drives all of us to strive for excellence in our work, our community, ourselves and in the lives of the people we touch everyday— whether it be our patients, our colleagues or our families.

We strive to foster a Culture of Excellence, in our employees, our processes and our results. It is important that our workplace culture enables employees to focus on priorities, make crisp decisions, be collaborative, think creatively and embrace accountability. To this end, we give individuals and teams the autonomy to take calculated risks and drive development of innovative products and solutions. By empowering employees, we believe we can best leverage their unique talents and abilities to support the company’s growth.

Our Culture of Excellence extends beyond just our day-to-day work. As a company we are dedicated to giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Through our Corporate Citizenship efforts, Biogen Idec and our employees engage with the communities in which we live and work, - our annual Care Deeply Day, the Community Lab, local fundraisers and our matching gifts program are just a few of the many efforts and volunteer opportunities that are core to our dedication to Changing Lives around the world.

Biogen Idec’s commitment to provide not only fulfilling work, but also fulfilling lives is highly evident through the various work/life benefits we offer our employees. Success for our team members means success for our company and success for the patients and caregivers who count on us every day.

Caring Deeply and Changing Lives. It’s not only what we do, it defines who we are.