Business Development

At Biogen Idec, we believe strongly in the value of successful partnerships, and we do everything we can to make them work. If your company is in the later stages of development, Biogen Idec can provide a wealth of resources to help successfully commercialize your product.

Our approach to partnerships is driven by two core principles that promote success: respect and flexibility.

Biogen Idec has a history of successful collaborations, licensing arrangements and acquisitions because we are driven not by ideology but by pragmatism. Our goals are the same as our partners'; to successfully bring effective treatments to the market. We are willing to make whatever kind of arrangement is needed to make that happen.

Many of our partners are attracted to us by our size. We are big enough to provide crucial capabilities that our partners lack, including clinical development, FDA approval, manufacturing, marketing and all other aspects of commercializing a product. At the same time, we have internal structures in place to assure the ongoing commitment of senior management, so that our partners get what they need to be successful.

Furthermore, we don't lump all our partnerships together. We manage each partnership based on its needs. The people working with you are experienced and knowledgeable in your therapeutic area and stage of product development.

We are interested in partnerships in our core therapeutic areas of neurology, immunology, and hemophilia.