Partnership Structures

How partnerships work

Biogen Idec is committed to innovation in everything we do, including partnerships. Because we believe that each partnership or alliance is unique, we are extremely flexible about the structure. In our history, we have engaged in many different kinds of collaborations, licenses and acquisitions.

We enthusiastically engage with our partners at every stage of a product's development. A potential partner may be based at a university, with an exciting idea that is nonetheless too conceptual for other sources of funding. Others are in late-stage development and looking for assistance with large clinical trials, manufacturing or commercialization.

That's why we have developed a continuum of partnership models specially designed to support companies at different stages.

In each case, we provide support customized to the needs and priorities of our partner. And in each case, we work collaboratively with our partner to help ensure the collaboration is a strategic fit and success for both companies.

How can we best serve our partners?

For many potential partners, Biogen Idec provides an ideal combination of expertise and resources. We can provide assistance at all mileposts in the commercialization process, from clinical development to FDA approval to manufacturing to marketing. Every partnership is based on a foundation of mutual respect and aligned interests.