Supplier Diversity


Biogen Idec’s supplier diversity commitment aims to have our employees, suppliers and patients embody the rich and diverse community we serve. Our philosophy is based in the belief that by enriching our partnerships through the inclusion of small, disabled, veteran, LGBT, women and minority-owned businesses, we further support our company’s economic growth, innovation and competitive advantage.


Biogen Idec defines a Diverse Supplier as a business that is women owned, veteran owned, LGBT-owned, disabled, service disabled veteran owned, minority owned, historically underutilized business and small business vendors as defined by the US Small Business Administration (SBA).

For further information regarding our commitment to workforce diversity, please visit our Diversity & Inclusion page


Through cutting-edge science and medicine, Biogen Idec discovers, develops and delivers to patients worldwide innovative therapies for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, hemophilia, and auto-immunity.

Supplier diversity is key to innovation

We believe one of the keys to innovation is diversity. Our value of caring deeply extends to our supplier diversity strategy by keeping patients at the center of our thinking and our business goals, where we believe people with different backgrounds bring insights and ideas which may bring us to the cutting edge of the industry. We believe by partnering with a variety of suppliers with diverse backgrounds, we are able to connect with the patient experience even further, and show empathy, respect and acceptance for different people, approaches and styles.


Supplier diversity is good for the community, and for business

We promote innovative ideas, and as an enterprise, our goal is to engage with suppliers and attract the most innovative suppliers in the community. At Biogen Idec, we are committed to sourcing from a variety of small businesses, including those owned by minorities, women, veterans, and service-disabled veterans, among others. We believe our relationships with these suppliers are good both for our business and for our communities. We currently spend tens of millions of dollars with diverse suppliers and our commitment moving forward is even greater.

Supplier diversity is a commitment shared at all levels

At Biogen Idec, our commitment to diverse partnerships extends to all levels within our organization. We believe in order to have the necessary knowledge, insights and expertise in our industry, we must have relationships with suppliers that can contribute to our ever-evolving pursuit for a healthier world. The cornerstone to operating a highly efficient and successful company requires each member of our company to not only understand, but also commit to the importance of broadening our scope of suppliers, in order to remain an industry leader.

Supplier diversity is good for the supplier

Minority and women-owned companies, amongst others, all deserve an equal opportunity to work with Biogen Idec to perhaps enable them to develop their networks and increase connections within the healthcare sector. We encourage and reward imagination that requires taking reasonable risks, including noble failure that provides learning essential to eventual success. We believe success always requires teamwork.

Supplier diversity is based on merit

Biogen Idec’s selection of suppliers who meet the diversity criteria are subject to the same application process as all other companies and must offer a high standard and quality of work. We insist on demonstrating ethics and integrity that withstand temptation and improper personal gain. We keep the interest of our patients at the center of everything we do while remaining focused on we on authenticity and transparency throughout our organization. . The Supplier Diversity program is not a social endeavor; rather, it is a purpose-driven initiative to reach suppliers working within different institutions and organizations, offering either the same, new or additional approaches to fulfillment.

Supplier diversity provides exceptional value to all parties

By striving for excellence in all that we do, Biogen Idec works every day to become the most admired company in the biopharmaceutical industry, providing meaningful benefits for patients and exceptional value for shareholders. We believe by establishing, encouraging and enriching Supplier Diversity as a core initiative is an important part of this goal.