Acting Responsibly

Biogen Idec conducts business ethically and with the highest degree of integrity. Sound corporate governance is essential to sustaining our growth and success as a company and to maintaining the trust and confidence of our stakeholders. This extends throughout all aspects of our business, from the way we conduct clinical trials to the way we market our products.

Our commitment to corporate citizenship and environmental sustainability is grounded in our Code of Business Conduct, Values in Action and the Biogen Idec Sustainability Policy, adopted in 2011 by our Corporate Sustainability Council (CSC), a cross-functional team chaired by our CEO. Values in Action sets forth expectations for patient care, research ethics and human rights, among other topics. The Sustainability Policy lays out our commitment to operating in a manner that reduces our environmental impact, improves social conditions and promotes economic prosperity.

For more information – including summaries of our approaches to animal welfare, payments to investigators, responsible marketing and product security – please see our 2013 Corporate Citizenship Report.