Health & Safety

Biogen Idec strives to foster and maintain a healthy and safe work environment. We believe providing a workplace where everyone feels safe, comfortable and confident will enable us to focus our energy on what matters most: improving lives. 

We use a web-based database for managing health- and safety-related incidents and events. The database streamlines the process for notifying superiors, assigning corrective actions and creating an incident log, which is an account of all work-related injuries and illnesses. This system improves our ability to track trends, such as types and locations of injuries, identify hazards before an incident occurs and be more proactive in our health and safety program management. This in turn helps reduce costs such as medical expenses, workers compensation claims, lost productivity and recruitment expenditures. We regularly update the system to keep pace with the changing requirements of our business. We also require all employees to attend safety classes specifically tailored to their lines of work.

In addition to ensuring workplace safety, we work to safeguard the health and well-being of our employees. We offer a range of education, tools, resources and programs to help each person optimize his or her health, including annual wellness fairs, health-centric ‘Lunch ’n Learns’ and incentives to take a personal health assessment. Individual sites also host their own programs and events. For example, in Research Triangle Park (RTP), N.C., we offer nutrition counseling, a team-based, 10-week weight-loss program, and opportunities for employees to buy locally grown vegetable boxes on site.

RTP Recognized with Million Hour Safety Award

In RTP, Biogen Idec was recognized by the N.C. Department of Labor’s Million Hour Safety Award, which is given to companies that achieve more than one million employee hours worked without injuries resulting in days away from work. Together, RTP’s manufacturing facility and Patient Services office achieved more than 3.9 million hours of working safely in 2009-2011, demonstrating their exemplary commitment to our culture of safety.

OHSAS 18001 Certified Manufacturing Facility in Hillerød

In 2011, our Hillerød facility received OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) 18001 certification. OSHAS 18001 is a standard designed to help organizations manage and control their occupational health and safety risks. As part of the certification process, a cross-functional team worked with a wide range of employees to identify our most significant health and safety issues and, as needed, develop corrective action programs and processes to minimize these risks. In addition, the team set measurable goals that will be used to track the facility's progress over time. Moving forward, Hillerød management will annually review the facility's program and performance to identify further opportunities to enhance health and safety at the site.