Postdoctoral Fellow Program

Biogen Idec is pleased to announce the initiation of a postdoctoral fellow research program..

The program aims to support highly promising young scientists for three years of research within Biogen Idec laboratories.

We are seeking creative independent scientists with a significant scientific record and experience.

What Makes Our Program Special

  • Opportunities to do high quality, hypothesis-driven, fundamental research in a dynamic, fast-driving environment focused on drug discovery and development for serious human diseases. Work with Biogen Idec scientists on long-term scientific projects to bring novel cutting edge technology and gain expanded knowledge in the areas of mutual interest for postdoc and Biogen Idec.
  • In addition to scientists looking for a first postdoctoral training, we welcome applicants for a second postdoctoral research experience.
  • Potential for academic mentor.
  • Researchers completing the Biogen Idec postdoc program may be eligible for three years' worth of start-up support as they transition to faculty positions.

To see a list of potential projects, click here.

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Research Areas


A goal in the Immunology department at Biogen Idec is to discover and develop biologic and small molecule drugs to target autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Research in the department focuses on elucidating mechanisms of disease, understanding the role of different immunologic cell types in mediating pathological processes, identifying and validating novel cell surface or intracellular drug targets, and developing innovative biomarker strategies for disease and drug activity. Some of the current drug targets being pursued in the department include intracellular components of B cell and Th17 cell signaling, dendritic cell surface targets, and receptors in the TNF superfamily. There are postdoctoral research projects available in basic disease biology that underlies our portfolio.


The goal of the Neurology Discovery group at Biogen Idec is to discover and recommend for development innovative new therapies for the treatment of progressive forms of Multiple Sclerosis and other important neurodegenerative diseases. Our research applies an understanding of disease genetics, molecular mechanisms and translational pharmacology to identify and characterize new drug targets and drug candidates. Current areas of research focus include myelin repair, regulation of synapse structure and function, immunotherapy targeting disease associated protein aggregates and development of novel neuroimaging and biomarker approaches to facilitate drug development in neurology.


The virology group at Biogen focuses on elucidation of the molecular basis of pathogenesis of several important human pathogens including human polyoma viruses and other viruses associated with immune compromise. The goal of this group is investigate patient stratification for infection risk and virology drug discovery. Projects are available to investigate the molecular pathways and cellular machinery associated with virus replication as well as aspects of the host immune response to infection. How common latent infections influence disease biology in the context of chronic diseases is another area of strategic interest.

Translational Medicine

The Translational Medicine group supports Biogen’s portfolio by the discovery and development of biomarkers that can help to stratify the patients who will receive the drugs being developed and the evaluation of efficacy and safety in the clinic. Nearly all molecular species can serve as biomarkers, including genes, RNAs, proteins, lipids, and metabolites. We place substantial emphasis on molecular imaging technologies as well. There are opportunities for postdoctoral work using multiple “omics” platforms across the different therapeutic areas of strategic interest. Biogen Idec is particularly interested in patient stratification in multiple sclerosis, Lupus, fibrosis and diseases involving proteinopathies such as ALS and SMA.

Biochemistry and Biologics

The Molecular Discovery group is an integral part of Research and Development. The group primarily generates product candidates for discovery programs and supports their development through clinical trials and registration. In addition, the group conducts basic research in diverse areas such as protein chemistry, cellular engineering, protein and antibody engineering, molecular structure determination and modeling. As such, the group unites scientists with diverse technical backgrounds, thereby fostering a collaborative environment. We are actively searching for postdoctoral fellows who would be interested in the following general research themes: novel approaches to antibody engineering, mechanisms for drug delivery across the blood brain barrier, structure-based affinity maturation of therapeutic antibodies and contemporary cellular engineering.


The Hemophilia research group is interested in projects to delineate the cellular and molecular interactions of novel procoagulant factors with the coagulation and immune pathways using intravital microcopy. The overall intent is to identify mechanisms to improve hemostasis and induce immune tolerance.

Pharmaceuticals and Biologics Technical Development

The goal of the Technical Development group in Biogen Idec is to develop efficient manufacturing processes and robust analytical control strategies to support bringing new products to market and drive the development of cutting edge technologies. Areas within Biologics Technical Development are cell culture development, protein purification, protein formulation and delivery devices, analytical methodologies and protein characterization. Areas within Pharmaceuticals Technical Development are pharmaceutical chemical process, analytical method, and drug product formulation development.