Science & Medical Education

The long-term ability of our company and our industry to achieve breakthroughs in biotechnology and continue to explore cutting-edge science and medicine depends on the drive, dedication, creativity and educational excellence of future scientists.

To that end, we support a number of ongoing education and mentoring opportunities, career exploration activities, fellowships and medical education programs. For more detail on our support for these initiatives, please see our 2013 Corporate Citizenship Report.  


Medical Education – Supporting medical education is a natural extension of our mission. Biogen Idec offers educational grants, fellowships and other support to academic institutions, hospitals and community-based healthcare organizations in the therapeutic areas we serve. We support independent medical education programs for healthcare providers, including physicians, nurses and pharmacists. All programs are developed and administered completely independently of any direction or influence from Biogen Idec, in accordance with relevant internal policies and external regulations.

MS Clinical Fellowship Program – Introduced in 2006, the Biogen Idec MS Clinical Fellowship Program supports clinical fellows at highly respected medical institutions who are leading the effort to care for MS patients and find new treatments for this serious disease.

Biogen Idec awards grants to top universities and academic institutions across the United States to support MS Clinical Fellowships. Once grants are awarded, the selection and placement of the MS Clinical Fellows are at the discretion of the recipient institution. Since its inception, we have donated nearly $4 million to this program.


Biogen Idec's online grant management system provides applicants with a streamlined process for submitting requests for educational grants, sponsorships and exhibit and display fees. Applications must be submitted 60 days before the program or event date. Visit